A great all round agency and great team

Richard Carter UK AgentI’ve been with Elaine for a while now and I must say out of all the agents I’ve had Elaine has to be the best. Not only has my work load increased but she pushed me to the best of my abilities and for me to pursue more avenues. From this I have picked up two best actor awards, this would not of been possible without Elaine’s help. I’ve also had some really big high end auditions that some agents would never get. Elaine is very hard working and is a machine when it comes to castings, she is very determined and focused and pushes her clients – a trait not many agents have. Elaine looks out for anything that will better out career’s and make us more noticeable…a great all round agency and great team.

– Richard Carter

Worked tirelessly to support and provide guidance

Araba JaneI’ve been signed with Elaine since June 2018 and since this time she has worked tirelessly to support and provide guidance to me. She is encouraging and pushes you out of your comfort zone to be the best you can be. Elaine is always in contact with her team on a daily basis and is only a phone call away or message if you need her. She also ensures each of clients has a 121 with her on a monthly basis which is absolutely great. I have to say , if you are part of Eaglestone Management then you are a member of a family who will encourage, support, and help each other to ensure we all achieve our goals.

– Araba Jane

She gave me a chance in this industry

Ahmad Sakhi 060918Elaine Eaglestone took me in when no one else would, she gave me a chance in this industry and 1 year later I landed a role working alongside Scott Eastwood and Orlando bloom and that is all thanks to her and her hard work. Without her I don’t know where I would be she helped me a lot not just as an agent but as a friend. For that I will forever be thankful for how hard she has worked on me.

– Ahmad Sakhi

A one of a kind agent

Cara Kiri 060918Elaine Eaglestone is a one of a kind agent. She is understanding, supportive and has a drive like no other. I have been a client on her books for 10 months in which my opportunities and career has progressed faster than expected. We work together towards targets, one of which was getting a role in a BBC/Netflix series, that will be airing in 2019.
She is professional, proactive and an out of the box thinker who is always at hand when you need her.

– Cara Kiri

Innovative and very hard working agent

Shaila Alvarez 140618Elaine is a very innovative and a very hard working agent. Now she has become a really good friend. She has moved my career forward since day one and motivated me every single day. I have not doubt we are going to get to the top together. We are going to hug each other while we cry and laugh together. This industry is about trusting and I trust her 100 percent. Let’s keep growing, there is not limit!! Thank you Elaine Eaglestone. Xxxx

– Shaila Alvarez

Tireless in her determination

David Patrick Stucky actors agentElaine is tireless in her determination to make the agency not just competitive but the best around and equally dedicated to the careers of her clients. I feel that my input and goals are heard and important to her in this team effort to move everyone forward and allow them to achieve their goals. She seems to work more than the 24 hours that a day provides for the rest of us mortals. Since being with Eaglestone Management my castings have increased exponentially. I’ve been put forward for film, television and commercial opportunities on a regular basis and for inspiring work. Perhaps most importantly, through her push and encouragement I have become more focused, organised and determined to move forward through belief in myself and a continually evolving clarity about where I’m going and the kind of actor I want to be.

– David Patrick Stucky

Understand my needs, values and passions

Sara Cristy UK Actress agency Eaglestone Management 220318I wanted to sign with an agent who would take me to the next level and who understood the word ‘collaboration’. Not just listen, but really have a plan of action. And understand my needs, values and passions. Ever since I signed with Eaglestone Management my career has seen some very noticeable improvements. And Elaine doesn’t settle, she is an agent that will always seek more to be at the very top. Every single day I can find support from the team, both professional and personal, I get suggestions for networking events, suggestions to hone my skills, and also motivation messages. It is an agency built on communication and transparency. And we applaud each other’s success. I have been enjoying this journey, and I am looking forward towards the future!

– Sara Cristy

The hardest working agent!

Kevin Wallace 140618Elaine is probably the hardest working agent I have ever had the pleasure of being represented by. in my 18 months with her I have had more high profile castings and jobs, than with 5 years of previous representation. (including working on a Hollywood movie with Patty Jenkins) she is empathic and knows each of us personally, caring about our welfare as well as just the money! I don’t want to be represented by anyone else. Simple.

– Kevin Wallace

More auditions the past 6 weeks than the previous year

David Byrne 060918Elaine is a Fantastic Agent Who pushes you to your limits and beyond, works more hours than anyone I know. She is very well thought of and known widely throughout the industry. I have only been with Eaglestone Management a short time but she has done more for me in 6 weeks than anyone could imagine. I am soon to be filming a trailer with an LA producer, I have filmed a commercial and had more auditions the past 6 weeks than the past year. In my opinion I have the best agent for me and see a Bright Future.

– David Byrne

The agency is a team

Neil Harget 060918 UK Actors AgentElaine Eaglestone is, without a doubt, the hardest working agent I have come across. She is not only on the go from very early morning to late at night but when not looking for work she is networking, motivating her clients or just generally encouraging them or being there for them. The agency is a team with her as captain and her ethos of hard work, teamwork and a sense of being part of something, I have no doubt that she, the agency and the clients will rise to the top in this very difficult industry.

– Neil Harget

Fantastic opportunities have been immeasurable

Charlie Pawlett 140618After 20 years as a stunt performer. I made the transition into acting in 2017 with the help and support of Elaine at Eaglestone Management. After my initial audition with Elaine she agreed to represent me and her help and the fantastic opportunities it has given me have been immeasurable. She has created groups for her actors so we can all support and communicate with each other. We help one another with self tapes and show-reels and we share information for our mutual benefit. I am a working actor now and although still new, I know where my future lies and I am very excited about year 2. Thanks Elaine x

– Charlie Pawlett

Takes a great personal interest in its clients

Vicky PeirsonEaglestone Management describes itself as an agency that ‘goes the extra mile’. This could not be more true! Unlike many agencies, Eaglestone takes a great personal interest in its clients, understanding their strengths and individual requirements. I feel truly privileged to be part of this amazing family. Thank you Eaglestone.

– Vicky Pierson

Gets you in the room which a lot of agents

Minouche KaftelSince signing with Eaglestone Management I have raised my game. I have been a singer and actress for over 20 years but in the last few months I have learned to extend myself in ways I hadn’t even conceived of. Not only does Elaine get you in the room which a lot of agents can’t do, she encourages you to refine your craft, meet directors and get involved in the whole industry. Her standards are high but so are ours. Everyone is handpicked to become part of a team with different people with unique abilities but all with a common goal and team spirit. She is quick to respond if you need to contact her. I love the fact that she watches all our self tapes and if something isn’t working she will tell you just as she will tell you when you do a good audition. She sees something special in all of us and tells us that too. It’s not that we don’t know we are special but she is able to spot talent and nurture it so we can fly! Seriously it really is like that. I also love her spiritual approach. On a practical level I’ve had more castings in 6 months than i’ve had from other agents in years including commercials, feature films, voiceovers and more recently an exciting tv project. Elaine challenges us and we challenge ourselves. Watch this space. There’s more to come

– Minouche Kaftel

Her dedication to her clients and her business is outstanding

jamie Lee-Hill - UK ActorElaine has been my agent for nine months. Her dedication to her clients and her business is outstanding. I know nobody with as much drive and ambition as her. She makes a concerted effort to travel and meet filmmakers and casting directors, often exceeding her mantra to meet a director a week. I am getting so many auditions I can barely keep up, and some of these have been for big roles in major film and television productions. Her patience with me and belief in me has been rewarded as I am beginning to convert the castings she has booked me into jobs.
Elaine is more than just an agent, she treats all of her clients as a family and is always there to support us personally too. We have a great team ethos, and the actors on the books all interact, meet often, and support each other. In return for Elaine’s dedication, she demands a lot of her actors, and the agency is only for those who have a dogged determination to chase down every opportunity to further their own career. Behind the brusque business exterior is someone who truly cares for her clients and is driven more for the joy of seeing her actors’ success than by the financial rewards that brings. It is my belief that it’s only a matter of time that Eaglestone Management is one of the premiere agencies in the business.

– Jamie Lee-Hill

A truly excellent Agent

Vic Zander - top UK ActorElaine Eaglestone of Eaglestone management, is a truly excellent Agent, and i am appreciated to be one of her clients, i was with an agent before joining Elaine last year, had nothing from previous agent, joined Eaglestone management just over a year ago and Elaine got me auditions and work within 2 weeks of joining, she is totally dedicated to her clients, and is one of the hardest working Agent i have come across, relationships take time, i am looking forward to the future with Eaglestone management

– Vic Zander

An absolute Diamond

Moya Allen 190718I recently signed with Elaine and I have to say she is an absolute Diamond and I am very lucky to have found her. You will never meet a harder working agent . She has put me forward for so much in a very short space of time and genuinely wants each & every one of her actors to succeed. The agency is more like a family and Elaine is always there to help with any concerns. She is a no nonsense agent who helps you to be the best you can be and is behind you 100% ,but you need to put in the work too . I have had some amazing opportunities already. I couldn’t have met a nicer lady and she really knows her stuff . Every actor I have met on this agency has been incredibly supportive , welcoming and want each other to succeed . It is a breath of fresh air . That is down to Elaine – she is a force of nature.

– Moya Allen


Sotlight Casting Director for stage & screenEaglestone Management
22 Leafields, Northampton,
Northamptonshire, NN3 9UY
Email: elaine@eaglestonemanagement.co.uk
Mobile: 07837 898 793

Please expect a response within one working day. If your enquiry is more urgent – please call: 07837 898 793


Alongside the ‘adult division’, Eaglestone Management are also known for their excellence in children’s casting, through their sister agency – Casting Kids. In both actor’s agent sectors, Eaglestone Management offer a no-nonsense, professional approach and are known for their ability to be ‘bang on brief’, whilst still tailoring their approach per actor and industry requirements. As an exclusive Actors Agent, Eaglestone Management maintains a very personal and responsive approach – keeping in very regular contact with clients to fully understand their needs. [see actors]


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